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Read this article on top failures school student may conduct in his or her admission essay to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Writing College Essays: 9 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted at 09.25.2016 by

Except for finding an essay which you could use as a successful application example, it is recommended to get an essay sample with mistakes every student has to avoid. You can look for a horrible personal statement example on Reddit and some other college discussion boards and forums.Each bad essay ...

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Being able to write an effective and informative essay is the key to academic and professional success. Learn here how to write an essay in the easiest way

Essay Writing Guide: 4 Simple Steps

Posted at 09.23.2016 by

There are four different kinds of essays which need to be attacked in a similar way, but they do have their differences that will affect the prep work and the actual content of the writing.Different Essay Types Research is the most common type of essay. A research article is one in which you have...

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The key to getting into your dream college is to have an essay that shows the work ethic, personal story and personality of the student.

Top Tips For Writing The Best College Essay

Posted at 09.10.2016 by

With millions of students applying for college each year, it is important to have an essay that stands out from the rest. When an admissions team is between two applicants with exactly the same qualifications, the essay makes all the difference when it comes to which applicant is admitted to the sch...

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Some of the most famous literary works are essays, written by great authors and writers from Colonial Times till Modern.

Famous American Writers

Posted at 08.20.2016 by

The essay as a literary genre has been evolving over centuries and has attracted a lot of famous writers. The origins of the term ‘essay’ are found in the 16th-century French literature. In 1580, Michel de Montaigne, an outstanding French philosopher, had his collection of short, quite subject...

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Don’t you know how to grab the attention of your readers from the first sentence? Read about the types of essay hooks to come up with your own great solution.

Great Essay Hook Ideas with Examples

Posted at 08.11.2016 by

When your English language professor requires to write an essay, how do you begin your writing? Do you use any good hooks in the introductory paragraphs to grab readers' attention? Probably, you have discovered a secret, unique great hook which helps your paper stand out from other works. Different ...

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Determine what a good precis is by reading the information below. This article will help you to write a most outstanding paper on any topic.

What is a Good Critical Precis?

Posted at 07.23.2016 by

Imagine you got an assignment to write an 800-word precis of Shakespeare in the Bush by Laura Bohannan. It is a wonderful essay about teaching a true meaning of Hamlet to one of the West African tribes. GET QUICK ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS HEREWhat is a precis? Our article will give the answer to this ques...

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How to Write a Critique of a Novel or Book? What A Book Critique Should Include?

Book Critique Writing

Posted at 07.10.2016 by

If you are creating a book critique, you must have a clear vision of what a critique is and what it is not. It is not a précis of a literary work, in which you have to compress the ideas of the original text. It is not a book report either, in which you have to summarize the plot of the writing.The...

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