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Swedish school programs. Pre-school, compulsory school, and upper secondary school.

Schools in Sweden

Posted at 04.24.2016 by

Welcome to Sweden, one of the most advanced, safe, and attractive European countries. What should we know about the country where the Swedish language was not an official language until 2009? It is interesting that 89% of Swedish population speak English. Of course, it is the country of the legendar...

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Learn more about schools and universities in India. Find out how many types of universities exist in this country.

About India's Education Process

Posted at 04.10.2016 by

Ocherous colours of the sun hiding behind the ancient mountains. Bittersweet smell of spices filling the hot, heavy air. The country of marvelous beauty and strong contrasts. How do you imagine India when you hear its charming, exotic name? It is uneasy to understand the country whose Hindu calendar...

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Learn more about best universities in BC and the situation with education for Indigenous people

Studying in the Paradise on the Pacific: British Columbia

Posted at 05.14.2016 by

In our previous articles we were talking a lot about education in different countries with a strong emphasis on their school systems. Today we would like to focus on a particular region which we find fascinating and which is very attractive for international students. This region is the province o...

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The difference between school teachers and university professors. What makes a great professor.

Of Great University Professors?

Posted at 01.14.2016 by

Good school teachers always possess a set of characteristics that make students love them and the subject they are teaching. Time flies, and yesterday’s school children become today’s university students to find out that their new professors have a different approach to teaching and to the learn...

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This post is talking about four famous European schools and the reasons why they are the best.

Best Schools in Europe

Posted at 01.14.2016 by

There are a number of universities in Europe that have numerous programs and interesting courses for students and provide them with more than decent education. Nevertheless, there are universities that have an elite reputation and are the best European schools. They are considered the best based on ...

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When students start an independent life, they need to learn how to save money. A few tips for students on how to control their expenses.

How students can save money?

Posted at 01.01.2016 by

Finally this fantastic moment has come and you left your town to start a brand new, bright, independent life of a university student. Maybe, you are renting an apartment or sharing one with other young enthusiastic individuals on-campus. Or, perhaps, you have found a gorgeous studio somewhere far fr...

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Which qualities a person should possess in order to become a good teacher: overview of student’s comments

A Good Teacher Is More than a Teacher

Posted at 10.10.2015 by

Do you remember who your favorite teacher in school was? Was it a nice and sweet old lady with calm voice who taught history and made you feel as if you were far-far away from the classroom fighting in a battle that took place centuries ago? Was it a young and lively English literature teacher who w...

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